Let me guess, it’s the end of January and you have already fallen off the good-intention-bandwagon?  Your commitment to working out 5-6 days a week has slipped down to 2-4 a week. Your commitment to give up sugar was broken when you just had to have dessert on a special occasion.  Your commitment to new daily habits of meditation, drinking a gallon of water and recording what you eat is a thing of the past and now you’re here… again! Whether you are reading this when it’s bei

Blogging in 2019

BLOGGING?!?!  Yep, you read that correctly.  Here it is the beginning of 2019 and I swore I wouldn’t make any New Year’s resolutions…but here I am…writing a BLOG.  Here’s the deal, if you’re reading this you may be one of the many people out there that learns best by reading. I have to acknowledge not everyone learns by watching videos or listening to podcasts and audiobooks. YOU, my friend, are the reason I’ve decided to start officially blogging.  This first blog of 2019 wi