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Let me guess, it’s the end of January and you have already fallen off the good-intention-bandwagon?  Your commitment to working out 5-6 days a week has slipped down to 2-4 a week. Your commitment to give up sugar was broken when you just had to have dessert on a special occasion.  Your commitment to new daily habits of meditation, drinking a gallon of water and recording what you eat is a thing of the past and now you’re here… again!

Whether you are reading this when it’s being released (which is the end of January 2019) or reading it in the middle of the summer, I don’t care because this applies to all of us every freakin day of the year.  YOU ARE WORTHY, SISTER. Yup…you read it correctly. YOU ARE WORTHY!!! “Wait…why are you saying this right now, Lauren? I thought you were gonna give me some #LaurenToughLove or something!” Well…yes and no…let’s talk some more.

How do I know where most of you are in your journey right now?  It is because I too have been there MANY TIMES!! I know, I know, you are thinking that I’m supposed to have all the answers to WHY you continue on this crazy yo-yo journey where you find yourself in a similar situation every damn time.  I do NOT have all the answers, but I do have lots of experience helping others like yourself get unstuck from this place and decrease the frequency in which you experience it in the future. The deep seated belief that “YOU ARE WORTHY” has somehow been stolen from many of our souls and I believe it is at the root of WHY you end up here time and time again.  At our core many of us don’t believe we are worthy of being happy with our bodies, with our jobs, with our relationships, with our lives. Let me explain this a little bit better.

A synonym of worthy is deserving, right?  Let’s say you’re one of those crazy Apple people that sits in line two days in advance to be the first to buy their newest iPhone.  The day comes, the lines open for the crazies to make their purchase and when it’s your turn they say “sorry…you can’t buy the new iPhone.”  You’re like “WTF? I deserve the right to buy it just like these other people that have been waiting in line for two days and I demand the ability to purchase it now!”  You’re DESERVING of that right, and when you are robbed of it, you fight for it! (Anyone else starting to sing “you got to fight...for your right…to PAAAAAAARTAY?!”). LOL!

Now translate that thinking to “your best life” being at the counter waiting for your purchase.  Follow me on this because it’s good! There are 4 types of people in this world:

Type 1: You know that “YOUR BEST LIFE” is worth the pain you have to take to get to the front of the line and be able to “make your purchase.”  You know it’s not going to be easy but you know you are worthy to own what is at that counter and you’re willing to do what it takes to purchase it.

Type 2: You know you want that #bestlife stuff, so you get in line but get a little sidetracked while in line.  Things happen that make your “waiting in line time” longer than it should be but you never get out of line despite the setbacks b/c you know you want what is at the end of the rainbow.

Type 3: You are all about that best life stuff and you try to cut in front of those who have been waiting in line forever. Not only do you get nasty looks from a lot of people, but you are told you can make your best life purchase because you cut the line.

Type 4: You like the idea of you living your best life, but the moment you see that there is that long-ass line to wait through you bail and say, “nah…I’ll pass on that best life stuff.”

Hear me out…no matter which type you are, I believe you all deserve that best life and are worthy of it.  Did you read that? You are ALL worthy of living your best life. I don’t care if you were born into privilege or poverty, a loving or abusive home, a healthy body or one that doesn’t function 100% the way it should…YOU ARE WORTHY OF LOVING THE LIFE YOU ARE LIVING TODAY!  The fact is, if you truly believe that, then your actions will lead you to be one of the first two types of people. These are the people who know the end prize won’t come easily but is totally worth the work it takes to get to that counter and purchase their best life. Ultimately, they know they deserve this happiness and are willing to work for what they deserve to have.  Types 3 & 4 are the people that I want to grab, shake some sense into them followed by giving them a BIG ASS HUG only to then tell them that THEY ARE WORTHY OF THAT BEST LIFE & THEY CAN HAVE IT TOO!!! The end prize takes WORK but is totally worth the WAIT, I promise!

Which type are you?  I know that in periods of my life I have been a Type 2, but during my 30’s I have learned to be mostly Type 1 with the occasional slip back into Type 2 here and there.  I have been guilty of being Type 3 years ago in my health & fitness journey because I tried all of the “quick fixes” when it comes to weight loss. In the end, I wish I would’ve had someone that I looked up to in life say “Lauren, just get in line and do the work b/c that’s what you’re gonna end up having to do anyways if you want the prize!”  Type 4 is the one I can say I have never been when it comes to the #bestlifeprize that I am writing about. That doesn’t mean that I can’t help that type too!

No matter which of the four types of people you are, know this…YOU CAN CHANGE IT!!  I don’t care how long you have been Types 2, 3 or 4…you can start the route to Type 1 today because you know YOU ARE WORTHY of that end prize.  It won’t be easy but know that with love (both self love and love from family & friends), new daily habits, support from a community like the one I’m a part of, and a BELIEF that you are worthy and can achieve the prize, you too can learn to live a life you love starting TODAY!  

I would be honored to play a more integral role in your journey and have a few ways of doing that.  Click on this link and get a free sample of the FITz Flow workout so that I can say THANKS for entrusting me with your email address.

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