The FITz Life Program

The FITz Life Program


The FITz Life Program is an approach to changing your health, happiness and waistline with the unique method that Dr. Lauren FITz has created over her many years in the health & fitness industry.  You will receive a downloable PDF that includes the program and some sample 7-day meal plans.  

  • Additional Program Information

    The FITz Life Program is an approach to getting off the diet roller coaster ride by a completely new approach to weight loss.  In this program you will learn how to replace old, unhealthy habits with newer, healither habits that include regular exercise, a different approach to nutrition & supplementation and attacking the mental & emotional aspect of your relationship with food. This program will include optional meal plans that can be used for those that prefer to be told more exactly what to eat.  This program is a great option for those people that do not desire Dr. Fitz to coach them virtually online but would like her guidance when it comes to learning how to become your healthiest, happiets you.  The FITz Life Program is not a diet but a method to which one can learn to get in tune with what works best for their own body in creating the healthiest lifestyle possible while learning what it’s like to feel amazing when the body is given what it was deisigned to be fed.

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